One of my closest cousins recently tied the knot out in wine country San Francisco. Not only was it one of the most fun weddings I’ve attended, it was also THE CUTEST event I have ever seen. The bride and groom looked amazing and the venue was to die for. Lucky for me I got the chance to do mother-of-the-groom hair for my Aunt Jackie.


We kept the look soft and romantic to go with her amazingly chic dress. Her only request was that she didn’t look like the typical mother of the groom. In the 100+ degree weather, we opted to keep the majority of her hair up and off her neck.





Although I sport blonde locks now, I wasn’t always a fan of the lighter side. Being born a natural brunette, I’d always dabbled with blonde highlights but could never quite get over the dramatic dark root that quickly appeared… my bank account couldn’t handle that kind of upkeep either.  After a couple of tries, I thought I’d given up on blonde for good… until I was introduced to the beloved base break. Not only did it blend my highlights better with my natural hair, I was able to go longer between highlight appointments by getting just a base break in between. It basically makes me feel and look like a natural blonde with less work (Amen!).


I’ve been doing my base break for a while now and finally got the chance to introduce my lovely sister to them as well. I’ve been doing a heavy highlights on her for quite some time now… and she’s been getting highlights for even longer than that, so it’s an understatement that she LOVES her blonde hair. She couldn’t pass on the opportunity to be “even more blonde”. I’d explained the process to her a little over a dozen times but she still was a little afraid of the unknown. Needless to say, she’s obsessed with her blonder hair.


Here are the before and after pictures from our little adventure. It took about 5 minutes at the shampoo bowl, and then we gave her a voluminous blow out. As you can see, the base break simply blended her darker root into the lighter pieces.




20140303-084347.jpgMy beautiful cousin Caitlyn recently celebrated her 25th birthday and subsequently decided her hair was ready for a change…strawberry blonde! Now I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous considering she’s been a bright blonde her ENTIRE life…. but after a quick talk and seeing countless photos she’d been collecting, I decided she wasn’t crazy and got to work.

We started her by applying an all over copper/gold dark blonde color. We let that process, then washed and dried the hair again and added in some blonde balayage to break it up and brighten her back up.

The end result came out just as she’d hoped!



It’s that time of year again…Winter ( not technically, but it’s cold enough for us Virginians). And so it begins, the quest to find warm winter accessories that keep you from freezing your ass off while still retaining some attractiveness. We know this all too well seeing is that we both walk to work all winter long. So here it is… a few of our favorite hats, headbands and ear muffs available this season.

Nordstrom - Cable Knit Headwrap - Collection XIIX

Nordstrom – Cable Knit Headwrap – Collection XI

Topshop - Premium Floppy Hat

Topshop – Premium Floppy Hat

Twist Turban Headband

Etsy – Twist Turban Headband – Myhaircraftshop

J.Crew - Toscana Shearling Earmuffs

J.Crew – Toscana Shearling Earmuffs


Aldo – Lucretia

Pearlescent Bead Headwrap - Forever21

Pearlescent Bead Headwrap – Forever21

Now if we can only find something to keep Brenna’s hair tracks from showing when the wind blows…


To all of our beauties out there: the holidays are right around the corner which means you are definitely going to want to look your finest! We know how hectic this time of year can be so we recommend that you fill in your calendar and try to book your appointments as early as possible. Because remember… we love you but we also love many other clients who need to look just as fabulous. This time of year is our busiest time and we work around the clock to accommodate all your needs. We just ask that you respect us just as much as we respect you by prebooking, calling at least a week in advance, and being patient & flexible:)

Also be sure to check in with your stylist and salon to see if they offer any sales and/or promotions during this time of year. Many do so take advantage!! For example, our favorite product line Kerestase rarely goes on sale, but our salon runs a Black Friday sale once a year. Our clients realize that it’s the perfect time to stock up. Not only will your hair appreciate it but your bank account will as well.

We all know that everyone has a party or two to go to before Christmas and New Years Eve, so why not treat yourself to a blowout and style before hitting the town? I mean, what better way to begin your evening than enjoying a relaxing scalp massage, conditioning treatment, chatting with your favorite stylists….and obviously some seriously fabulous hair. Let’s be honest girls, great hair completes any outfit and you never know whose head it will turn throughout the night!!!


Here is our beautiful friend Courtney who recently got married at the end of the summer. She came into the salon last week and was ready for a new fall look. Brenna has been doing her hair for three years now and has heard Courtney express her interest in ‘change’ but has never been ready to commit. We’ll here it is folks… not only did Courtney commit to changing her last name but she finally committed to changing her blonde locks to a warm fall ombré!


Because court has been a blonde for…basically all her life, we decided to stay in the blonde family. All of us blondes out there must realize that when we transform our color to a darker shade, not only does the initial outlook appears darker but it also will fade faster. So with Court, we started with a golden medium blonde color (level 7) with a little bit of copper added at her roots. With the remainder of the color, we added a golden light blonde color through out the mid shaft of the hair (level 8), avoiding her ends. After her 30 minutes to process, we washed her with a sulfate free color safe shampoo and dried her hair completely. Then the true creativity and fun begins… balayage! Because Courtney’s overall goal was to have enough of a change, still subtle yet definitely noticeable, we wanted to keep the hair around her face still bright and blonde.

20131122-151625.jpgOnce her color was complete I convinced Courtney to cut a good 2 inches off the length and put shape back into her layers. After a beautiful brush set blowout, we reveal mrs. Stoner’s new fall look!!!


It’s that time of year again….when the weather gets cooler and the skin gets paler. It’s also the most popular time of year when us hairdressers hear clients express a need to ‘go a little darker for fall.’ This can get a little tricky when it comes to blondes…. Put in too many lowlights and we’ve got a teary-eyed brunette (or so they think) in our chair. So what’s the perfect way to make a blonde a little darker for fall? The sombre. Not as dramatic as a full-on ombré, but a little more natural looking than the bleach blonde look.

Our very own Brenna wanted just that. She started with a full head of blonde hair. After coloring her roots and mid shafts with a color close to natural, we went back through and balayaged her to give her some dimension and brightness around her face.


The end result is a nice soft ombré… A more natural looking blonde. Oh and with a lot less maintenance. Perfect for fall and your pocketbook.