There’s nothing better than low maintenance color… Especially for a natural brunette who likes lighter hair. Gina came in a couple months wanting to blend her brassy ombré into a blonder, more blended look. We started by painting lightner throughout her mid shafts and ends, blending it up closer to the root around the face.

After processing, we shampooed her hair and toned everything with a golden beige gloss to neutralize some of the remaining golden tones.




It’s a reoccurring thing in my life…I grow hair out, I chop hair off, I grow hair back out, etc. etc. So it wasn’t too shocking when the time came again to chop it all off. A random Thursday afternoon seemed like the perfect time to take a good 8 inches off. I went for the ‘broken bob’…a Kevin Murphy look cut with curved shears that’s purposely not too polished and meant to be styled with texture.

It’s seriously the easiest short cut I’ve had to style on my own at home…which is perfect for my laziness. It even looks better the dirtier it gets!


20140121-224735.jpgWe made it back from NYC in one piece! It was quite the five day adventure… between class all day, shopping, and hitting the town at night… we’re glad to back in VA with more inspiration and passion than ever.

We got the opportunity to learn eight ‘cuts’ (and plenty more new techniques) from the amazing instructors at the TIGI Advanced Academy in SOHO.

20140121-224650.jpgThe week really reminded us of the cutting basics, which are truly the foundation for any great hairdresser. Like everything else, practice makes perfect… and we couldn’t be anymore excited to get to it!



Here is our beautiful friend Courtney who recently got married at the end of the summer. She came into the salon last week and was ready for a new fall look. Brenna has been doing her hair for three years now and has heard Courtney express her interest in ‘change’ but has never been ready to commit. We’ll here it is folks… not only did Courtney commit to changing her last name but she finally committed to changing her blonde locks to a warm fall ombré!


Because court has been a blonde for…basically all her life, we decided to stay in the blonde family. All of us blondes out there must realize that when we transform our color to a darker shade, not only does the initial outlook appears darker but it also will fade faster. So with Court, we started with a golden medium blonde color (level 7) with a little bit of copper added at her roots. With the remainder of the color, we added a golden light blonde color through out the mid shaft of the hair (level 8), avoiding her ends. After her 30 minutes to process, we washed her with a sulfate free color safe shampoo and dried her hair completely. Then the true creativity and fun begins… balayage! Because Courtney’s overall goal was to have enough of a change, still subtle yet definitely noticeable, we wanted to keep the hair around her face still bright and blonde.

20131122-151625.jpgOnce her color was complete I convinced Courtney to cut a good 2 inches off the length and put shape back into her layers. After a beautiful brush set blowout, we reveal mrs. Stoner’s new fall look!!!