To all of our beauties out there: the holidays are right around the corner which means you are definitely going to want to look your finest! We know how hectic this time of year can be so we recommend that you fill in your calendar and try to book your appointments as early as possible. Because remember… we love you but we also love many other clients who need to look just as fabulous. This time of year is our busiest time and we work around the clock to accommodate all your needs. We just ask that you respect us just as much as we respect you by prebooking, calling at least a week in advance, and being patient & flexible:)

Also be sure to check in with your stylist and salon to see if they offer any sales and/or promotions during this time of year. Many do so take advantage!! For example, our favorite product line Kerestase rarely goes on sale, but our salon runs a Black Friday sale once a year. Our clients realize that it’s the perfect time to stock up. Not only will your hair appreciate it but your bank account will as well.

We all know that everyone has a party or two to go to before Christmas and New Years Eve, so why not treat yourself to a blowout and style before hitting the town? I mean, what better way to begin your evening than enjoying a relaxing scalp massage, conditioning treatment, chatting with your favorite stylists….and obviously some seriously fabulous hair. Let’s be honest girls, great hair completes any outfit and you never know whose head it will turn throughout the night!!!


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