It’s that time of year again….when the weather gets cooler and the skin gets paler. It’s also the most popular time of year when us hairdressers hear clients express a need to ‘go a little darker for fall.’ This can get a little tricky when it comes to blondes…. Put in too many lowlights and we’ve got a teary-eyed brunette (or so they think) in our chair. So what’s the perfect way to make a blonde a little darker for fall? The sombre. Not as dramatic as a full-on ombré, but a little more natural looking than the bleach blonde look.

Our very own Brenna wanted just that. She started with a full head of blonde hair. After coloring her roots and mid shafts with a color close to natural, we went back through and balayaged her to give her some dimension and brightness around her face.


The end result is a nice soft ombré… A more natural looking blonde. Oh and with a lot less maintenance. Perfect for fall and your pocketbook.


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