Earlier this year, Brenna and I reunited in Booth Bay, ME to do some hair for the beautiful Meredith on her wedding day. It’s been a while since we did it… But better late than never! Here’s a look at the bride and some of her bridesmaids hair.




2015/01/img_0111.jpgIt’s a reoccurring theme for most women…one month we want to be blonde, the next brunette, and then in no time we’re wishing to go back light. So it doesn’t surprise me much when women ask for changes to their color…isn’t that half the fun?!? Here’s a fun example of just that. We took Gina back to brunette for the fall but kept some lightness around the face.

We chose a warm lighter brown so as to make the transition to darker hair easier. The end result left her hair looking much healthier and shinier.


2015/01/img_0085.jpgOur good friend Stephanie got hitched recently and we had the pleasure of BOTH doing the hair for the bride and bridesmaids on this one! Yes that’s right…Brenna flew into Detroit to visit me and it just so happened to fall on the same day as the wedding which worked out perfectly! Here’s a look at the bride and all the bridesmaids we got our hands on.







There’s nothing better than low maintenance color… Especially for a natural brunette who likes lighter hair. Gina came in a couple months wanting to blend her brassy ombré into a blonder, more blended look. We started by painting lightner throughout her mid shafts and ends, blending it up closer to the root around the face.

After processing, we shampooed her hair and toned everything with a golden beige gloss to neutralize some of the remaining golden tones.



It’s a reoccurring thing in my life…I grow hair out, I chop hair off, I grow hair back out, etc. etc. So it wasn’t too shocking when the time came again to chop it all off. A random Thursday afternoon seemed like the perfect time to take a good 8 inches off. I went for the ‘broken bob’…a Kevin Murphy look cut with curved shears that’s purposely not too polished and meant to be styled with texture.

It’s seriously the easiest short cut I’ve had to style on my own at home…which is perfect for my laziness. It even looks better the dirtier it gets!



One of my closest cousins recently tied the knot out in wine country San Francisco. Not only was it one of the most fun weddings I’ve attended, it was also THE CUTEST event I have ever seen. The bride and groom looked amazing and the venue was to die for. Lucky for me I got the chance to do mother-of-the-groom hair for my Aunt Jackie.


We kept the look soft and romantic to go with her amazingly chic dress. Her only request was that she didn’t look like the typical mother of the groom. In the 100+ degree weather, we opted to keep the majority of her hair up and off her neck.




Although I sport blonde locks now, I wasn’t always a fan of the lighter side. Being born a natural brunette, I’d always dabbled with blonde highlights but could never quite get over the dramatic dark root that quickly appeared… my bank account couldn’t handle that kind of upkeep either.  After a couple of tries, I thought I’d given up on blonde for good… until I was introduced to the beloved base break. Not only did it blend my highlights better with my natural hair, I was able to go longer between highlight appointments by getting just a base break in between. It basically makes me feel and look like a natural blonde with less work (Amen!).


I’ve been doing my base break for a while now and finally got the chance to introduce my lovely sister to them as well. I’ve been doing a heavy highlights on her for quite some time now… and she’s been getting highlights for even longer than that, so it’s an understatement that she LOVES her blonde hair. She couldn’t pass on the opportunity to be “even more blonde”. I’d explained the process to her a little over a dozen times but she still was a little afraid of the unknown. Needless to say, she’s obsessed with her blonder hair.


Here are the before and after pictures from our little adventure. It took about 5 minutes at the shampoo bowl, and then we gave her a voluminous blow out. As you can see, the base break simply blended her darker root into the lighter pieces.